Travelling Around Hong Kong In Safety

Hong Kong is a very popular tourist destination as of late. Tourists from all over the world come daily to visit this very developed city-state, famous for its natural harbour, skyline and its wide range of attractions available in its busy streets.

Hong Kong is a very peaceful place, and has a very low crime rate. It even took the top spot for lowest crime rate in the world in the year 2011. The availability of very high standards of safety has definitely helped to reduce the more violent crimes. Police officers are always on the move, and police stations are not too far away from urban centres. This makes it pretty easy to maintain an overall high security standard. Investigation units like the bind over Hong Kong help to keep order and carry out major cases successfully.

Nevertheless, we cannot expect any place in the world to be completely devoid of crime. This is why you should always be on the alert, whether you are inside or outside your apartment. Being a very densely populated and urbanised place, Hong Kong definitely has problems with smaller crimes like pick pocketing and robbery. If a pickpocket is caught, such a culprit can face much more severe penalties than just a community service order. Nevertheless, this is not always guaranteed to happen, especially if you are caught by surprise and lose track of the perpetrator. This is why it is always advised to be careful when handling precious and valuable things. Do keep track of your wallet, and try not to carry around too much money unless necessary.

The group of people who should exercise the most caution are of course tourists. It is advised to not follow random strangers and not to accept anything offered by them, including food and drinks. Be wary of people who might want to trick you into buying something from them. They are often fraudsters trying to make some money by misleading tourists. You can always contact the police in case you become the victim of a crime. They should be able to quickly provide assistance.

Hong Kong also has a typhoon season. Typhoons have a chance of occurring during summer and early fall, with the months of July, August and September having the highest probability of the city experiencing a typhoon. While they may be a little too common during these few months, they are generally not severe, unless the typhoon manages to hit the city, which is a very rare occurrence. Anybody planning on travelling to Hong Kong during these months should be aware of the state’s typhoon warning system and needs to follow any instruction given as accurately as possible to avoid harm.