Why A Child Custody Lawyer Is Important

Legal profession has in the recent past become one of the most lucrative professions in the world. Many young people are opting for it due to many reasons. To begin with most lawyers in the world are confident people and their eloquence is second to none. They dress smartly and uphold professionalism in every step of the way. This has been the epicenter for attraction to many upcoming lawyers in the profession. They admire the already existing lawyer and work hard towards ensuring that they too become sworn in as advocates. When one is confronted by a case involving custody of a child, it will be prudent to instruct a child custody lawyer. 
Such a lawyer will begin by taking instruction from the client and more so they concentrate on understanding the problem and its root cause. This will enable them to know exactly where to begin and if possible which party is on the wrong. They also prescribe an out of court settlement in case they see the problem as one that can be settled out of court. However, if the client insists that the case must go court, then the best criminal solicitors Parramatta is always available for that. They will approach the court by first sending a notice of intention to sue to the other party. If the other party fails to respond then the lawyer will proceed to file a plaint. Such plaint will be served upon the defendant within fourteen days of filing.
 This is to allow the defendant respond to the allegations contained in the plaint by way of filing a statement of defense. In case any party has an application to make, then they will be allowed to make the application. The court will then set down the application for hearing and then hear it. This will enable the court to determine it on merit. If none of the party has an application to make, then the pleadings will be assumed to have closed and a hearing date for the case will be heard. Both parties will appear before the court and they will given an opportunity to state their case before all the parties involved in the case while the court records all the evidence. If one of the parties fails to appear before the court on the hearing date, then the other party can request to be paid the cost of the day. They may also request to be heard ex parte. The court has the discretion to grant any of the prayers or decide to mark the matter as stood over generally for the parties to fix a new hearing date. Check this out if you are looking for highly trained and professional lawyers.
In case there is a criminal matter in this context guilty plea hearing will be done. The accused will be required to take a plea before a court of competent jurisdiction depending on the magnitude and the veracity of the case at hand. There are those who will take their plea before the lower courts while others will be required to take their plea before the high court. However, both courts will require the accused to undergo a medical examination to confirm the state of the mind at the time of the offence.